MIFF 2010

This year THE SWISS-INDIAN FILM BRIDGE is partnering with two renowned festivals: the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) in India and the International Vision du Réel Festival in Nyon, Switzerland.

Jean Perret, director of Vision du Réel, has made a selection of Swiss documentary films that will be part of the programme of the Mumbai International Festival.

During the festival, there will be a special cocktail, hosted by Mr. Peter Specker, Consul General of Switzerland in Mumbai, where industry professionals can mingle so that contacts are made and East and West truly meet.

Program :

Raclette Curry

By Kamal Musale


Raclette Curry

Kamal Musale‘s “Raclette Curry,” about a mixed-race (Indian and Swiss) man’s desire for a woman whose “white skin reminds me of my mother’s,” is a clever meditation on cross-racial desire, one that makes more of the erotic valences of food in its brief seven minutes than Chocolat does in its entire running time. (Derek Nystrom).

A Dschoint Ventschr production








The fortress

By Fernand Melgar

The Fortress

For the first time, a camera unrestrictedly penetrates into the universe of a Swiss reception centre for asylum seekers. It presents a human gaze at an austere transition place, where 200 men, women and children, torn between doubt and hope, are awaiting the state’s decision on their behalf. Empathy and distrust punctuate the exchanges between the residents and the staff of the centre in charge of applying the most restrictive asylum law in Europe. With emotion, though also with humour, THE FORTRESS immerses us into the heart of this daily sorting process of human beings.

A Climage production






Blood Ties

By Fabienne Abramovich

Blood Ties

Blood Ties takes us into the lives of four families living in Geneva in an imaginatively built block of flats: the Smurfs. For three years the director sensitively captured moments that, beyond the vagaries of family transmission, reveal the rich and complex relationships existing between the different members of a family. All these families provide a tremendous amount of energy to pass down and receive an education, which gives sense to the ties that bind them. Then the family appears in all its strength: as a laboratory hosting the construction of the relation to other people through conflicts and the slow working of love.

Personalities and family stories unfold alternately, gradually, and eventually weave a fabric where, from birth to death, the big stages of life intertwine.

A Metal production




Dear Sir, Dear Father

By François Kohler

Dear Sir, Dear Father

Karim, Adrian, Tristan, Joel and Matthew have between 16 and 21 years. They don’t know each other and come from different backgrounds. But they have one thing in common: the physical or emotional absence of their father and the desire to return. The film accompanies these witnesses in their quest. Filmed with a handheld camera closer to their emotions, they reveal the anguish, the emptiness but also the hope and the chance of the situation. Growing up without a father figure is a long process. They must fill that gap by producing more than others their own images, real, imaginary or virtual. The search of the father has the taste of an initiatory journey. It allows them to move on from childhood and thus enter the adult world.

A P.S. Production