What is the SIFB ?The Swiss-Indian Film Bridge is a networking platform to facilitate film and production exchanges between Switzerland and India. We have experienced that it is not only a great window for Switzerland in India; it is also is a meeting point for individuals or companies working in different fields within the two countries.
The SIFB is a non-profit, non-governmental, association. It is free to take stands on any issue, within the limits of the laws of each countries.

Who can be concerned by the SIFB ?
Anyone interested in film, cultural, humanitarian and even business activities between the two countries is welcome to take part in the SIFB.

Tasks of SIFB
SIFB showcases Swiss Films in India.
SIFB is the official representative of Film Location Switzerland, and as such, represents Switzerland as a film location to Indian producers;
SIFB helps Swiss film-makers to investigate potential partners when shooting in India (producer/fixer) in India for their film.
SIFB helps humanitarian NGO in both countries to exchange information.
SIFB is putting in touch various people in different fields through a common platform and website forum.